Why Choose Us

The objective of our team of experts is to not only maximize your recovery, but also to expedite the settlement of your devastating loss, expedite restoration by means of obtaining advances from the insurance company and minimize the additional burdens of claim preparation and negotiations that would otherwise be placed upon you.

We feel that each person or organization that encounters an insurance loss should ask themselves the following question.   

"If the insurance company has professional adjusters protecting and representing their interests, shouldn't we also have a qualified and experienced adjuster protecting and representing our interests"?

Smith Orloff & Associates bring to bear the required requisite experience and wealth of knowledge and experience to effectively and efficiently handle your insurance loss.  We are ready, willing and able to provide a truly valuable service to you in your extremely difficult situation. Our qualified team is ready to begin serving you immediately. We hope you will entrust us with this most important assignment and look forward to hearing you. Thank you.