What We Do

The services we provide include claims/loss recoveries, risk management and litigation support to attorneys.
Claims services include:

  1. In-depth analysis of your insurance policy and other related documents addressing all possible applications of coverages and sums insured to maximize your recovery.
  2. Immediate interfacing with you (and your insurance agent) to assist in decision making as to (i) help evaluate any alternatives to reconstruction; (ii) consider any means   to mitigate the loss impact upon operations during restoration;  and (iii) efficient handling of continuing and extra expenses, if such coverages exist, to facilitate a full recovery .
  3. Immediate interfacing with insurance adjuster, which contact would continue throughout the claim process, coordinating and conducting joint inspections of damages, etc.
  4. Prepare preliminary estimates of the loss for reserve purposes to assist the insurance adjuster in establishing a reasonable initial reserve for the loss and for your forecasting purposes.
  5. Site inspections by our construction and adjusting personnel to prepare building and contents replacement estimates, review as-built architectural plans, if available, etc., all of which would be accumulated and preserved in evidence of the loss. Other personnel such as accountants would also be involved particularly for the business interruption claim.
  6. Secure advance monies from the insurance company to permit restoration to commence as soon as possible and cover continuing expenses, if applicable.
  7. Prepare detailed and well supported claim submissions, for buildings, contents and business interruption, which will be reviewed with you prior to its submission. 
  8. Negotiate the settlement of the claims, arranging and attending all meetings with your insurance company.
  9. Stay alert for any potential subrogation recoveries which can be of significance in the event of uninsured losses.  Subrogation recovery is a third party action against any potentially responsible party. This nuance can provide a tremendous leverage in the negotiations of the first party claim settlement with the insurance carrier.
Risk management services include helping clients identify risks and applicable coverages and sums insured to handle the risk factors

Assisting Clients With Their Insured Losses In Numerous Industries Including the Following:

Hotel, Tourism & Hospitality, Governments, Telecommunications/Cable Companies, Supermarkets, Shopping Centers, Condominiums, Office Buildings & Other Real Estate, Manufacturing & Retailers

Additional Services – Risk Management & Litigation Support for Attorneys

Endorsed by the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association As Their Recommended Loss Consultants