Who We Are

We are Insurance Loss Adjusters who represent only the Property Owner, be it a commercial business or a residence; we do NOT represent the insurance companies.

Our disaster recovery team is geared to provide assistance to those businesses and people that have suffered a catastrophic loss from hurricanes, fires, floods, water, collapse and all other insured losses.  

Stanley W. Smith is a Certified Public Accountant and licensed Adjuster with some 45+ years of financial, insurance and international experience and specializes in representing clients in catastrophic insurance loss claims and FEMA submissions as well as providing forensic support in insurance matters. Mr. Smith has represented clients locally, throughout the United States, the Caribbean and the world in both residential and commercial losses, ranging from dwelling losses to multimillion-dollar commercial insurance claims, with the losses involving buildings, contents and business interruption and extra expense. Types of losses that Mr. Smith has adjusted include windstorm (hurricanes & typhoons), flood, fire, water, collapse, vandalism, theft, burglary, business interruption and extra expense. Windstorm losses that he has adjusted have exceeded $25,000,000; fire losses exceeding $14,000,000.  He has extensive experience in insurance settlement negotiations, related claim preparation and policy interpretation and application and is an expert in business interruption losses.

Mr. Smith has also been called upon to act as an appraiser (arbitrator) in cases of disagreement between a property owner and an insurance company when losses could not otherwise be settled as well as a consultant to attorneys providing litigation support.  His experience includes having been with a “Big 5” international accounting firm for some thirteen (13) years and having managed a real estate portfolio consisting of office, industrial and shopping center properties.  

Leonard Orloff is an Attorney and a licensed Adjuster. Mr. Orloff has adjusted hurricane/typhoon, fire, water and collapse losses and has appraised and settled commercial losses in excess of $10,000,000. For twenty-six years prior to being a Public Adjuster, Mr. Orloff owned a business that specialized in the cleaning and restoration of catastrophic losses and hazardous waste removal. He has handled claims throughout the United States, the Caribbean, the South Pacific and Europe. Mr. Orloff is a member of the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Bar Associations and of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. He has both a Bachelor’s Degree and an LL.B. from the University of Pennsylvania.    

Assisting Clients With Their Insured Losses In Numerous Industries Including the Following:

Hotel, Tourism & Hospitality, Governments, Telecommunications/Cable Companies, Supermarkets, Shopping Centers, Condominiums, Office Buildings & Other Real Estate, Manufacturing & Retailers

Additional Services – Risk Management & Litigation Support for Attorneys

Endorsed by the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association As Their Recommended Loss Consultants